Welcome to the Business section of of LSL Liverpool Girls Ltd.  Here you'll be able to see the different way that we can work together.


LSL Liverpool Girls Ltd is about connecting and developing professional relationships, at the centre of this is the Style Card,  it's aimed at women in the Liverpool and surrounding areas, providing a link between your great business and them. Read More >>>


We also have an events programme, which can targeted with your business in mind, whether you offer fitness sessions, work in the beauty industry, have a deli or what ever it is we can work together to create the events for our Style Card members and a wider female audience. Message us about an event that you're interested in running with us.



We can also do product/service reviews, we have a captive audience through the Membership Area, here on the website and also on the Facebook Group, there is of course the Facebook Page too, where our audience is growing. Message us about a review


  Or maybe  If you would like to work on a project, please contact us below and we'll get back to you.


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