The Style Card - Information for Businesses and Companies

The Style Card is different to other membership cards, firstly its been designed specifically for women in mind, what they need to have, what they want to have and what they'd love to have in their lives.  It’s not like other cards which focus on discounts for just bars and restaurants and the like; the Style Card considers every part of a woman’s life from her nails to picking toys for the children to catering for events, buying a new home; you name it, we want to have it on the card.

For the business signing up to be a Style Card Business Partner, it’s about  becoming part of a central platform, a focus; a go to point; a community where ladies can seek out great businesses, your business.  Our platforms include:  our Facebook Group, the Facebook Page, our Instagram, the Twitter account and of course this, the website:

The Style Card is about identifying and forming relationships between businesses and the Style Card holders, so that they’ll go back to you time and time again and recommend on to other ladies; generating further awareness of you; your brand; your business; your products and services.

This website has a dedicated and exclusive Members Area, this will showcase the offers that businesses make, along with the codes that unlock those offers; Style Card holders will also be able to access your website or social contacts straight from the platform, providing you with direct traffic.  The Members Area will also have a magazine, news, previews and events sections, an opportunity to give exclusivity for Style Card holders to get a glimpse of your products/services before non-card holders do.  So let us know, if that’s something you’d love to do.  Finally, we've incorporated a forum into the membership area, where card members can chat online with one another.


We’re aware that not every small business has its own shop or website and that you’ll often run from home, that’s not a problem, we understand, so long as you have an email address, Etsy account or something similar that’s great, we can work with you and you too can benefit from the Style Card.

How the Style Card Benefits Your Business or Company

To answer that question, you'll be targeting your products and services to a captive and positive female audience.  Here's 4 other reasons to become an LSL Liverpool Girls card partner:


1.  It's a great way to showcase and create awareness of your business, your products and services to ladies who wouldn't necessarily come across your brand.

2.  Signing up to become a card partner will provide card members  with direct access to your website or social links, as well as identifying your brand from your logo which will be in an open area of the website and also within the membership area, where  your offer will be promoted to the Style Card holders.

3. We'll promote your brand through our central platforms, including the Facebook Group, our Facebook Page and Instagram.  Each new card partner has a post created about them and is published and promoted on these platforms, as well as on this website.

4. This service is FREE and how often do you here that?!

What Your Business/Company Can Offer

The Style Card is a great way for you to provide great offers both on and offline to our members.  You make the decisions on what you want to offer and you can improve on that, at any time.  What we do want you to do is agree to pledge the original offer for a 12 month period.  Please make sure that you read the  Terms and Conditions  first before committing to the Style Card and becoming a Style Card Partner.

We'd Like to be a Style Card Partner

That's great!! It's a very simple process to become one of our card partners.  All you need to do is:

(1) Email us at:

(2).  We'll then send you a password to enter the restricted pages on the site to read through the terms and conditions and complete (potentially) two forms:  An agreement form and a permission to send marketing material to your business/company.  If you don't want to receive marketing materials from us, please just say, we won't be offended; just complete the agreement form.

(3)  Once we have received the agreement form, we can discuss your offer and confirm the launch date on the website and through our social media channels.  All you will need to do is provide us with your business name, logo in jpeg format, as well as your social media links.  And that's it!!