Life Style Love Liverpool Girls - Members' Terms and Conditions

LSL Liverpool Girls Ltd provides its members with exclusive deals and offers from businesses located throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas and possibly further afield.  These offers will be in the form of 'online' and 'offline'.  Online - on the Internet; Offline - buying physically in person from a shop etc.  As and when Events are set up, Style Card holders may also receive discounted entry to events (this may not always be the case).  Some of the events that are organised will be exclusive to card harders, others will be open.  Style Card holders will also have access to blogs, and our forum, all of which are designed to encourage women to get the most out of life in Liverpool.

Access to all of the LSL LIVERPOOL GIRLS member benefits is through (our Platform).  “You” or “you” or “Member” means an individual consumer who signs up and joins our membership club to access the Platform and enjoy its member benefits.

We ask that you read through these terms of use which apply to your use of the Platform and your membership of the LSL Liverpool Girls Ltd and govern:

  • members’ rights and responsibilities; and

  • Our responsibilities to you


These terms apply to your use of the Platform and by subscribing for membership of the LSL LIVERPOOL GIRLS you agree to be bound by the terms set out below. If you do not have authority to be bound by these terms of use or do not agree to be bound by these terms, you may not be a member or use or access the Platform.


You are a consumer (somebody who buys and uses a product or service) if you are an individual and you are buying your membership for personal use.

If you are a business and want to be a business partner, you need to contact LSL Liverpool Girls LTD to  find out about colloaborations and the Terms and Conditions that you would be bound by.  

Who are we?

“We” or “Us” means LSL LIVERPOOL GIRLS Limited, a company incorporated in England (Company Number S) with a Registered Office at 59 Park Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire, England.


We can be contacted at and any mail can be addressed to LSL LIVERPOOL GIRLS 59 Park Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 6RZ.

What do we offer

Through the Platform, We:-

  • contract with businesses located throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas (Buisnes Partners) to give you exclusive deals and offers, both online and offline (Offers);

  • publish regular beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs (Magazine in the members area of the site);

  • publish partner related posts on the Facebook Page, which link into a section on the platform

  • organise and host exclusive events with discounted ticket prices for Members (Life Style Love Liverpool Girls Events);

  • provide you with your own Life Style Love Liverpool Girls Style membership card;

       by joining as a Member You can enjoy all of the Benefits via the Platform.

We aim to provide constant and uninterrupted access to the Platform, but we do not take responsibility for issues outside our control, such as Internet, platform provider or connection issues. Specifically we do not guarantee that:

  • the availability of the Platform on each and every device or platform all of the time;

  • any technical issues that arise can be resolved quickly; and

  • the Platform is error, virus or bug free


Becoming a member

To become a Member, you will have to provide us with your personal details and contact information in order to create a member account on the Platform (Member Account).

Your Member Account is personal to you and cannot be used by any other person.

You may not create an Account if you are under 18 years of age.

The term of your membership is 12 months from the date that we acknowledge receipt of your Membership Fee (Membership Period) and the membership automatically renews.  

You warrant that the personal information which you are required to provide when you create your Member Account is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects.

On your Member Account, you will be able to:

  • review your information

  • make any necessary changes or amendments to keep your personal information up to date and accurate

  • remove any details that are no longer relevant

The Style Card

As soon as you become a Member, you will receive your own membership card. As well as symbolising your membership, the LSL Liverpool Girls Style card can be used with some of the Business Partners to unlock the deals listed on the Platform. Please see terms and conditions for each offer to confirm when the Style card can be used.  It will clearly state where the terms and conditions will be held, either on this platform, or the Business Partner's website or other platforms.

In some cases, you will be asked to present your Style Card on every visit to Partners’ venues to obtain the Benefit.

You must not allow anyone else to use your LSL Liverpool Girls Style Card. Allowing someone else to use your Style Card outside these terms of use may result in your membership being cancelled without notice. No refund of your Membership Fee will be given under these circumstances.

Your Style card will contain a number.  This will become known as your unique membership number and identification. Should your membership be cancelled, your membership number will be shared with Partners.

Please take very good care of your Style card.  In the event of your Style Card being lost or stolen, you should contact for a replacement.  The cost of replacement of the Style Card is £20 (Replacement Fee).  On Our receipt of the Replacement Fee from you we will send you your replacement membership card, this will take a minimum of 2 weeks. It is at the discretion of the Partners to approve your use or enjoyment of any discount without showing your LSL Liverpool Girls Style card.


Subscription and payment of your membership fee

All Members will pay an annual membership fee (Membership Fee).  

We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to change the Membership Fee each year.  

The current annual fee for a personal membership of the Platform is £30 plus £2.50 postage and packaging for your membership card.

You can select then pay your Membership Fee via our online payment partner,PayPal. The information which you provide during the payment process will be governed in accordance with PayPal’s Terms and Conditions [].

Your membership is valid immediately from the day that your membership is acknowledged by the Us (following receipt of the Membership Fee by the Us in cleared funds) and will be valid for the Membership Period. Your membership will automatically renew on the expiry of the


Membership Period

Renewal: 7 days before your Membership Period comes to an end, We will send you an email reminder confirming that renewal will be automatic using [].  If you do not wish to renew your membership you must inform Us at your earliest opportunity and preferably 30 days before the end of your Membership Period.  

We reserve the right in Our sole discretion to refuse your application for membership or renewal or terminate your membership if in its reasonable opinion you behave in a way which is considered to be harassing, causing distress or inconvenience to other members, any Partner, any member of Our staff or you breach any of these terms and conditions.

Subject to any statutory right to cancel, your Membership Fee is non-refundable once payment has been received by Us.

If you are a consumer in the European Union, by default you have a legal right to a “cooling-off” period within which you can cancel your membership for any reason, including if you have changed your mind, and receive a refund. The period begins from the day that your membership is acknowledged by the Us (i.e. when the contract between you and Us is formed) and ends when you access (e.g. download) any of the Benefits, or 14 calendar days after the date your membership is acknowledged by the Us, whichever occurs first.

After the cooling-off period, you may cancel your membership at any time, however We cannot offer any refunds and you will continue to have access to the Platform and Benefits for the remainder of your current Membership Period (up until the renewal or expiry date, as applicable), whereupon the contract will end.

If you are unsatisfied at any time with your Member Account please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have.  

  • Membership rights are not transferrable.

  • Membership rights shall cease on a Member’s death or an individual ceasing to be a Member. 


Your Privacy

Data Protection Legislation means (i) the Data Protection Act 2018; and (ii) the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (GDPR) and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, for so long as the GDPR is effective in the UK.

Any personal information provided by you to us will be held and processed in accordance with the data protection law.