BUSINESS ARTICLE: 7 Reasons Your Business Should Sign-Up toThe Style Card

I just wanted to let you know about how your business can become a Style Card partner and how your brand and business will be promoted across our platforms, but first I just want to give a little information about the Card. It's an exclusive membership aimed at women. I decided on its tagline as:

‘what a women needs, wants and would love to have in her life’s.’

There are currently 35 offers, all ranging from wedding stuff, including photography, make-up, bridal wear, also other areas - cakes, paddle boarding, aesthetics, burlesque, cocktail masterclasses, hotel stays, afternoon tea, lunches, hair, beauty and spa treatments, gifts, event catering, flowers, chocolates, candles, yoga, meditation.

So you can see there’s lots going on. A lot of the offers are really ‘girlie’, which I absolutely love, but you might be thinking, ‘my product or services don’t fit in to this.’ If you take a look back at our tagline we've got, ‘need and want' in there, this could mean so

products and services fit in with The Style Card.'

At the bottom of this paragraph I've included the link so that you can have a more detailed look at the offers, if you’re reading this in Instagram, go to the bio and they're are a couple of links to see which brands are on the card and what they're offers are. If you’re reading this in Facebook, just click on this link:

But Somebody Already Offers My Product/Service

My aim is to keep to a limit of 2 businesses where they are exactly the same, the reason behind this is to create exclusivity for the Style Card holders and also the businesses that have signed up to the card, but I will consider businesses where I feel there is a plus to having them on the Card. I just want to provide you with a couple of examples, to try and explain this. Our florist's offer doesn’t include bridal, so in that case, if a florist approached me and said, look my offer would include bridal and normal arrangements I would sign them up. If they were just one or the other I would sign them up. if another florist approached me, I'd have to say no at that particular time. Here's another example, I have three cake based offers: one for events, one celebration/cupcakes and one a box order service, so you can see that I would look at what another cake business could bring to the card, without compromising current offers, because although they're slightly similar, I don't want the Card to be overrun by a particular product or service. Hopefully you can see that there is consideration behind every decision, if you're interested, but unsure whether you'd be accepted, just dm or email me.

What LSL Liverpool Girls will offer businesses:

1. Promotion: Your business, brand and offer will be launched across our social media platforms this includes: The FB pages, group, here on Instagram, so the LSL Liverpool Girls and A Liverpool Girl with Style accounts. Also your business, brand and offer will be placed in the open area of the website for people to see, also in the membership area;

2. Our Website: When you become a Style Card partner an article will be produced, this goes on to the homepage in the Latest News' section;

3. Highlighting: I do like to promote businesses that become Style Card partners, as you may have seen this week, so once your initial promotion is over don’t think that’s the end of your promotion;

4. Business Related Articles: Every now and then I produce articles that connect businesses, for example the last one I did was about weddings, all the businesses connected to weddings had the opportunity to write a piece about their business, including advice, suggestions. I'll also focus on individual areas too, for example I did one about ‘cake', our lovely card partner, Little Miss Alice Cakes gave advice about selecting a great baker and what to think about when you need a celebration cake;

5. Promoting and Highlighting Yourself : There’s also opportunities for you to highlight and introduce yourself through two features: Female Follow Friday and ‘I Am.....’ Female Follow Friday is about you, your motivations to go into business etc, the ‘I Am...’ feature are set questions eg your fav book, what advice would you give;

6. Opportunities to Promote on Different Platforms: If you have an event or something you want to promote, let me know and if appropriate I do some promotion for you.

7. You'll get a Style Card – FREE, for the duration that you’re a Style Card partner (you do have to be a woman though to access this).

Finally, signing up to be a Style Card partner is FREE. The only things we ask for are that you sign up for an initial year, if after that period you don’t want to be part of our family let us know and we'll take you off. And we'd also like you to promote The Style Card, LSL Liverpool Girls and A Liverpool Girl with Style brands. The more the brands are promoted the more visible it becomes.

There's lots of reasons to join us and we'd love to have you on board. If you have any questions, queries drop me an email and I'll help you out with all the info you need.

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