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Why going the gym is bad for your health!

I honestly don't understand why this isn't spoken about more.

Like, I'm baffled. Seriously.

I'm in such pain and I feel like more people need to recognise this and be able to speak out about it. You don't have to suffer in silence.

Some people, like a small number of people, would think that I am overreacting. Husband I'm looking at you here. Rude. But yesterday I felt in total and utter agony from my exercise class.

I'm talking about #exerciseaches and no I'm not talking about #doms for all you gym-goers. There is no delay about this, hell, I would welcome a delay. No I'm talking about pulling up at your house after the gym and not being able to get out of the car because the aches and pains have already set in. That happened to me yesterday. No joke. My legs literally gave way and I fell out of the car. Dying.

Granted, I haven't exercised in a lonnngggg time but do I really deserve this? I thought I was doing dead good by finally shifting my rather large arse to a class at the gym and finally making time to get some calories burnt, but I get rewarded with the worst type of pain I've ever encountered in my life. I blame the resistance bands. They look so innocent. Like a nice stretchy pink band, all girly and pretty. Not so innocent when you're halfway through your glute workout and you're smiling sweetly at your instructor to try and assure her that the grimace face you're pulling is because you are enjoying the 'burn' and not actually because you're feeling every single fibre of the tendon of your glute being pulled apart. Cheers for that.

The minute I got home the pain set in. I was out the shower and could barely sit down to dry my hair. I left it a couple of hours as I had teaching that night. That was fun. Yes, I'm a dance teacher. You can imagine the state of me during that class. The dance just happened to be one of the fastest dances we'd ever done along with 2, not 1, but 2 dance breaks. Cheers for that too.

The next day was fun. When I woke up I couldn't seem to roll over to switch my alarm off. Weird. I thought one of the cats was lying on my chest as I felt a dull heavy weight. No, they were just what was once known as my abs. Brilliant. I had forgotten that we had completed an ab workout as well. What fun! Couldn't quite make it to squat down low enough to sit on the toilet so I got down as far as I could and then just sort of fell down onto it. What fun. Then getting down the stairs was another issue, wondered if I just could work from my bed instead, until I remembered I had a few meetings. Checked my to-do list for the day and saw that in my ultimate wisdom to get fit I had booked myself onto a spinning class. Briefly contemplated going, mentally winced at the thought of me trying to swing my leg over a spinning bike and that class was cancelled as swiftly as I could manage.

The rest of the day was spent googling 'can you die from aching muscles' and wishing I had bought the giant 5kg packet of Epsom Salts from Home AND Bargains.

It was not a fun day. The tiny things you take for granted like being able to get out of a car and stepping up a kerb proved to be the most difficult. It was a long day. Don't even speak to me about sneezing after you've done an ab workout. The pain is real people.

I envy those women I see in the supermarket. You know the ones, just popped in on their way home, clad in lyrca, a nice post-workout glow, carrying a smoothie and walking completely carefree. Hell, some of them even hop out of their car. Nutcases.

Total and utter jealously.

Yesterday it took me 15 minutes to walk from the car parking space into B&Q.

Here is hoping today is a little better. Only took me 10 minutes to get down the stairs this morning so it's already a better day!

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