Did I Eat That?!

Another disappointing weigh in at fat club this afternoon, the false woo hoo congratulations from the lady doubling up as the cash taker and master slayer of dieting dreams gave me the bad news, I'd lost an amazing half a pound. This isn't the first week it's happened, the third and consecutive one at that!!. The diet started on the 6th August and by the end of the first week and second I'd had a promising weight loss of two pounds each week. Week three though, was where things started to go wrong. Nobody turned up from Slimming World to weigh people, it was bank holiday, so by the time I went back the following week, two weeks had passed, and I'd hit a problem, I'd only lost one solitary pound. Unable to identify where I'd gone wrong, as my meals are pretty consistent, I was understandably confused where things had gone wrong. To date, I've only lost a huge and encouraging 5.5lb.

The problem that I currently have, particularly this week, is that my diet, in terms of the food that I've eaten has been spot on and to try and stop any small weight losses occurring again I'd worked my arse off at the gym and or the pool, so for all that to lose half a pound, gave me a really negative psychological hit last night, topped off with the pound loss from the previous two weeks and rightly so. I can totally understand why people give up; that's why you really need to have good reason why you want to lose the weight, and the motivation to get you through the poor loss weeks, otherwise you're going to say, stuff it.

They say, if you give 100%, you'll lose weight, I guess they're not lying, because you are, but what do you need to do, in order to consistently lose 2lb a week?

Even after the first week of being so good to lose just 2lb was really disappointing, you have to be totally aware of what you’re actually eating all the time, even if you’re eating from the free foods and monitoring the number of syns that you can have.

I've been trying to lose weight for about a year now, but started and then stopped and this went on and on and on. What's given me the drive this time to stick to the diet? There are two factors, firstly, I started seeing photographs and I didn't recognise myself in them; this happened on a couple of occasions, the second and probably the most upsetting reason was that when people haven't seen you for a while, you can almost read their minds, when they say to themselves, "She's put on weight". They didn't need to say anything, you can just read their minds. Whether unfortunately or fortunately for me, I was meeting up with a lot of sailing friends, who I only see once in a while, and each one of those friends, were clearly thinking the same, so I knew that I had to do something about it, particularly as it was a weekend I'd been dreading.

In the past year alone, I've managed to put on over 10lbs. The last time I signed up to Slimming World I was actually 10lbs lighter, so losing this extra weight is just the start before I actually tackle my fundamental problem of shifting the other weight, which hopefully I'll do during the Autumn and into the Winter because I've got a couple of weddings November and December and want to feel confident and enjoy the nights. After my disappointing weigh-in,

"I thought stuff it", frustrated, I broke my diet for one night and consumed my body weight in Doritos.

Day 1 : Tuesday 11 September 2018

The morning after the Dorito night before, it's back to the routine, especially after waking up in the night feeling ill and needing to reach for indigestion tablets, I've only eaten food that's on the free list for four weeks and so my stomach was complaining and rightly so.

I wrote a blog about ditching branded diets earlier in the year and I've already forgotten what I wrote until, I started writing this one and thinking about what I am eating and just having lunch I've remembered why I did ditch the branded diet, because although you're able to eat endless amounts from a list of 'free food', it's not actually free because it's still got a calorific value. To find out more about my Slimming World diet, I'm going to use Lose It!! running it in conjunction for one week to see what calories I'm actually consuming and trying to identify, if this is my problem, whilst not modifying my diet, when I see that I'm near my calorie limit.

For those of you who don't know about Lose It!!, it's an online calorie counter, very similar is My Fitness Pal, which was mentioned to me last week. It is really good and I can't remember why I came off of that diet, I'm guessing that I wasn't really that motivated at the time. It is a really good concept, for those of you old enough to remember calorie counting, it's just a 21st Century version of that, once you've used a food it stores the information for you and you can also scan products with the bar code, which is exactly what I did with the king prawns I had at lunch today. After putting my information into the Lose It!! for breakfast, it left me with 155 calories for lunch, 243 for dinner and 150 for snacks. Even if you're not dieting it's a really interesting tool to have to just keep a track of what you're eating.

I'm off to the pool this afternoon and as much as I don't self-promote, I'm a very good freestyle swimmer, although unfit at the moment, I have technique that allows me to be efficient and swim extremely well, but I always push myself in the pool and when I finish I am exhausted and gasping for breadth, I know that I've worked and that goes back again to the same question, why am I not losing the weight. So I've decided to conduct a little experiment, I'm going to carry on with the Slimming World diet, but I'm going to mirror it with the Lose It!! to see what calories I'm actually consuming. I've already, by just having breakfast and lunch today realised the calories that I've had already. After putting my information into the Lose It!! app for breakfast, it left me with 155 calories for lunch, 243 for dinner and 150 for snacks. So even though I'm eating 100% healthy food on Slimming World, which is described as free food, I'm still packing away the calories, even though techniqually, I can eat as much as I want.

David Lloyd - Cheshire Oaks

Day 2: Wednesday 12 September 2018

There's nothing like the first length of freestyle when you hit the pool, you just feel so free and calm and when I do that first length, I'm always glad that I went swimming. I improved my time and the number of lengths, I always try to increase by a minimum of two.

How did the first day of the experiment go? I would say, interesting. I logged everything I ate and have already noticed that I would be exceeding my daily calorie allowance, by about 200-300 calories if I were just using the Slimming World plan. Why? A certain brand of yogurt, anybody who does Slimming World will no straight away to which brand I'm referring to. Just based on this, I'm consuming at the lowest level an additional 1,400 calories per week. I might as well be enjoying a Curly Wurly every day. So, my first alteration is to just have one yogurt with my breakfast. The second alteration is to not have a hard-boiled egg with my lunch salad, it's an additional extra which has become a habit. Taking the egg out has saves another 77 calories a day; in a week that's another 539 calories a week saved.

I'm in a lucky position at the moment, I took redundancy from work, and still have a couple of weeks off before starting a new contract, so I've been able to fit exercise into my daily routine, having said that, today I've decided not to go, my body is tired , I've done five consequtive days, so I'm going to have a break. My knees have a dull ache running through them!! Once I go back to work, I'll really struggle to get to the gym or the pool, in fact there is generally zero chance of it,, all I want to do it get home.

It's like a scene from Kindergarten Cop, after a day's teaching, I collaspe on to the bed face down, exhausted.

When you go on a diet, one of the first things they say to you and ask you to do, as much as possible is to eat healthily and since I’ve been on this diet, I’ve really achieved that objective, but what’s clear, is when you’re on that diet, eating ‘free food’ with portion control in mind, is that unless you’re aware, your calories can really mount up and I've noticed that in just in two days of my tandem diet. I’ve had to alter my healthy eating habits, so that I don’t go over my calorie allowance for the day. Let’s look at today, for example. At breakfast I had:

2 x boiled eggs

1 slice of whole meal bread

1 small glass of orange juice (considered a syn)

1 Muller Light strawberry yogurt

Lunch – a king prawn salad, with a dessert spoon of mayo (syns)

Dinner – cooked and chilled salmon fillet with watercress, beetroot and 3oz of new potatoes

As soon as I entered this all in to the Lose It!! App, I discovered very quickly, that from a calorific point of view, I only had 63 calories from my daily allowance left, and that wasn't taking into consideration the syns that I used at breakfast and lunch.

I’m really starting to see, where the ‘free food’ diet is letting me down.

Day 3 - Thursday 13 September 2018

Today, has been a pretty uneventful day, I fall into routines easily. So I had my meals and my allocation of calories and that was it.

Day 4 - Friday 14 September 2018

I've not been feeling very well for the last couple of days, so I've not been to the pool, but although I'm still not feeling that great, I'll drug myself up, man-up and go swimming this afternoon, weigh-in is only three days away.

Started to think about dinner this evening, I was still in bed!! One of the foods that you canI love this because I can knock up a chilli, which is one of my favourite meals, and guess what, the whole meal is zero points, it's totally free, but you look rice up for a calorie controlled diet, it's another story. So, this is something else that I can't understand, on Slimming World, as I've found this week, it's very easy to exceed a calorie allowance and I understand that they're two different concepts, but how can you possibly lose weight at a more respectable and motivational level on the diet?

Well....I've seriously mucked up!! Bought pork chops - over 400 calories for a pork chop!! I only had around 250 for dinner. I eat pork chops alot because on SW you can. Another lesson learnt.

Saturday 15 September 2018

How can a pork chop be 400 calories plus, I was so shocked I did a manual check and it was correct and one of my favourite meats too. I'll never look at a pork chop in the same way again.

Is it possible to feel thinner? I do. Weigh-in day is looming for my totally unscientific experiment, which ends on Monday, with my 5pm. I did a 25 minute run this morning, which felt good, ate well all day and totally within the 'free food, however i did drink wine and quite a bit!!! When it comes to the weigh-in I'm hoping for a couple of pounds, the way things are going that's all I can expect. If I don't, I'm unsure whether or not to go back next week, it's £4.95, it's costing me more in pounds than I'm losing.

Sunday 16 September 2018

I couldn't be arsed to go to the gym today, however, I may go swimming this afternoon, but it's cold and bleak out there and am just thinking about curling up on the sofa and watching, You've Got Mail.

Monday 17 September 2018

It's the last day of this blog post today and I'm not feeling hopeful. I had a great day yesterday, although I didn't exercise, everything went according to plan. Today, I'm going to go swimming before the final weigh-in.

Well after having a normal breakfast and skipping lunch. I went, I got weighed and lost a staggering.....


You can read the blog about Lose It!! here: https://lifestyleloveliverpo.wixsite.com/mysite/my-blog/ditch-branded-diets-and-go-back-to-calorie-counting-21st-style

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