What's It's All About?

Liverpool Girls isn't about business, it isn't about using business terminology or the 'in' buzz words, it's just about us - women, it's about us coming together, working together, helping each other and getting to know one another - that's it, hopefully having some laughs along the way!!!

Some of you have Style Cards, some of you don't, some of you read the articles some of you don't, some of you follow us on social media, some don't. Some of you signed up to InStyle, some haven't. It's what you want to take from it that counts.

Who am, this person who posts, does articles, set up Liverpool Girls, created a website from scratch?! Sarah, ; a people person, a pretty good communicator, but room for improvement!! Creative by nature, doing the basics isn't good enough, thinking big is. A problem solver, with a dry sense of humour, a good wit, I can throw a one-liner in with ease, I make people laugh, am caring, supportive, loyal, but don't come to me on a sympathy trip!! Most of all though I work damn hard, that's who I'm.

So why Liverpool Girls, I wanted to bring all of the above into one (I'm trying not to bring jargon in here now) platform, (there I've done it!!). There is of course the website, which I'm very proud of, I learnt how to create it from scratch and am still learning🤭 and will be forever learning. Every night after work I'd sit learn and do and now I tweak and improve it. Inside is The Style Card membership area, where you get all your discount codes, if you're a card holder; if you aren't a card holder, you can still view the offers, you just won't get the codes, you've got to buy into the card for those 😉. Find out too, the benefits of having a card!! All Woman - the home of the articles, written by women for women and there's, The Woman's Room - a forum, female based topics, a place to question, answer and laugh!! This to be honest needs to be promoted, promoted, promoted and promoted; it's one area that I really want to work. An events page, where you can sign up to the social and networking ones, the first was about to be launched and lockdown happened. Now I've just launched the first monthly InStyle newsletter (another word I dislike). Take a look and sign up today!!!😘 https://www.lifestyleloveliverpoolgirls.com/

Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up with your first name and email.

And there's a mobile app, this is another area that needs my attention in terms of promotion, a handy go to, like all apps. Inside you can access the The Woman's Room, All Women, Events and if you're a Style Card holder - you can be in a closed group, where I'll post discount codes and stuff like that and you can post like you do in Facebook or Instagram, because the format is just like that. There's a group too for Style Card partners to join.

One BIG place for girls to come together, to dip in , dip out and go to your favourite places.

Sarah x

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