The Holy Grail of Fake Tan

Whether you’re a fake tan novice or expert you’ve probably heard of Skinny Tan. It started yonks ago, I seem to remember it starting on Dragons Den, a couple of lovely Australian girls wanting investment. I can’t remember if they got the investment or not. Dragons Den never seemed to grab me enough to keep watching till the end! So let's rewind a couple of years ago, in the days of flat hair and bad eyebrows and go back to when I reviewed it for my YouTube Channel. Anyhow, let’s put it nicely and say that it didn’t blow me away. Since that review I somehow got added onto the Skinny Tan PR list, I’m still waiting for them to realise that I’m on it, I feel like an imposter! The lovely people over at Skinny Tan regularly gift* me products to try out and share my thoughts with my readers so that’s what I’m writing about today! I was sent the gradual tanner SPF 30, the cooling aftersun with instant tanner and their gorgeous dual tanning mitt.

Your Skinny Tan will have a Dual Tanning Mitt, Protect and Glow and Body Glow

The Gradual Tanner comes with a SPF of factor 30 which is amazing as I use high protection all year round. Basically, The Gradual Tanner does what it says on the tube. It gradually builds you up with colour whilst offering you a 5-Star UVA and UVB Protection. Its a sun cream with a difference! Over the course of your holiday, you will build up to a beautiful tan slowly and safely and without any damage from the sun. Winner Winner!

The colour pay off from this gradual tanner is amazing, I got a pretty decent colour off 1 application and it builds up perfectly. The smell is beautiful, smells of coconuts 🥥 which is one of my fave smells ever! Simply apply every 4 hours to stay protected and although it’s water-resistant always apply after swimming. Although the Skinny Tan Deluxe Mitt is amazing you don’t need it for this Gradual Tanner, you can apply it straight onto your hands and rub in, simply rinse hands in the pool or sea after use.

After a day of sunning or shading and that amazing shower you only tend to have on holidays (you know the one I mean, where you can drip dry sat on your balcony and you seem to have a post-beach glow) apply The Body Glow Cooling Aftersun which is designed to have all the benefits of an Aloe vera based After Sun Cooling Gel but with a brilliant twist - it adds a touch of bronze as you apply it. That’s right, cool, soothe and tan! Whether you’ve been good or bad in the sun, this is perfect for blending those pesky tan lines or just to add a touch of bronze. It’s coconut scented, made with 95% natural ingredients and soothing plant extracts to help your skin to feel cool and moisturised, and its cruelty-free! Best use a mitt with this one, check out the Skinny Tan Deluxe Mit, it's proper luxurious and velvety, guaranteed to give an even application coverage!

So there you go folks, they are my thoughts on the Skinny Tan Protect and Glow and Body Glow Range. If you are in the market for a new fake tan or if you are lucky enough to be heading to warmer climates this summer then definitely go and check them out for yourselves, here is their website:

Thanks for reading,

Emma at BowBelleBlush

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