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An incredibly Happy New Year to all you gorgeous couples out there. Whether you are recently engaged or on the cusp of saying your I dos, it's an incredibly exciting time for you both, planning, trying on, tasting, choosing and finally getting to the BIG Day itself.

We all have the 'aspirational wedding' in our heads, the great dress, a cake to die for and a venue that's a million dollars, we might not have the celebrity budget, but wanting the very best for our big day shouldn't be a dream, so making the most of your Style Card, that exclusive card in your purse/wallet, is a must. With Bridal Reloved Liverpool, Simon Bellis Photography, Opulence Weddings and Events dedicated primarily to the wedding market and Bloom Delight UK and Cocoa Beans providing confectionery, along with our cake partner, Little Miss Alice Cakes all waiting to provide you with great products and services, take a look at what they've got to offer you.

You've got to admit, quite possibly the favourite part of any girl's wedding plan has got to be the dress and if like most brides you've been thinking about the wedding dress shopping experience before the proposal came in, you’re not alone, but now it’s here it’s hard to know what to expect, It's at this point we need to have some friendly, professional and knowledgeable advice when first confronted with all those gorgeous ivory and white dresses and flicking the different styles on the rails.

So, with the arrival of shows like, "Say Yes To The Dress", you'll imagine inviting everyone, you’ve ever known to your appointment, finding the one; rejoicing in happy tears, whilst drinking champagne. It’s a great vision, but in reality wedding dress shopping can sometimes be very different!! Bridal shops aren’t, I’m guessing somewhere (most) of you, hang out on a weekly basis, so it’s hard to know what the etiquette is, naturally you'll be feeling apprehensive, after all getting the right dress is one of those key decisions, you don't want to be looking back at your wedding pics, regretting that purchase for eternity, everytime the album comes out!! So make sure you follow these rules from Carol at Bridal Reloved Liverpool, to avoid any chance of disappointment, plus you'll get to enjoy the whole experience and of course that champagne!!

The personal touch

Here's your 8 step plan to find your perfect dress:

  • Do your research.

  • Know what type of shop you’re visiting, are they high end luxury gowns or relaxed sale gowns? 

  • Always make an appointment, your bridal consultation time can be anything up to 2 hours and most shops like to get ready and excited for your arrival!

  • Don’t fret the small stuff, like your underwear, don’t overthink it and buy an all new set of undies for your appointment, trust me we’re not looking and will always advise what to get for the wedding day instead. 

  • Shop when you feel ready. Don’t rush out shopping on a whim, go when you’re feeling good in yourself and ready to find your gown, otherwise the shopping overwhelm can get you! 

  • Don’t take too many people. Select your most trusted friends or family, make sure they have your ideas in mind and respect your choices, you don’t want it to be a battle against your girls! 

  • Relax. Your bridal consultant wants you to have an amazing experience trying on gowns and wants to help guide you in your choices. Be open, be daring, try different styles and make note of your likes and dislikes, tell your consultant, we won’t be offended. 

  • Lastly, follow your gut! Your gut instinct on a dress is usually never wrong, if it feels AMAZING enjoy that feeling and don’t overthink it. 

With dresses from designers like Jenny Packham, Maggie Sottero, Ian Stuart, Justin Alexander and Claire Pettibone to name just a few, the choice is there for you to find the perfect dress for your perfect day.

Style Card brides you'll get a FREE veil when ordering and buying the wedding dress from Bridal Reloved Liverpool.

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Simon Bellis Photography

You've got your dress sorted and the best way to show it off is to get a photographer who's going to be able to get the very best angles and capture every detail; it's all about knowing exactly what makes a great shot, having a great eye for detail, making every photograph look amazing and taking into account aspects which other photographers may disregard. Simon, at Simon Bellis Photography knows what makes a good picture; the key is to work with you both, always making suggestions, to ensure you'll be presented with the most magical images to be treasured for generations to come.

If you're getting married in 2019/20, Simon Bellis Photography are offering Style Card holders a free engagement shoot (worth £100) when you book your wedding photography with them.

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Opulence Wedding and Event Planning

PLANNING - Your brain has gone into over-drive, exciting yes, but once the novelty wears off, reality hits home and you realise what’s involved, organising that wedding could become a minefield of decisions, potential arguments and in some cases disappointment. To be honest, who needs the stress? Once you factor in everything, it makes sense to remove yourself from it and hand it over to a wedding planner, which so many couples now do. So, it’s great to have businesses like Opulence Wedding and Events to give support, advice and the knowledge to guarantee a damn good, successful and stress-free wedding.

Maybe, you're one of those couples who feels that handing over control of the wedding is going to remove you from the event? It's not the case, it’s up to you to decide how much control is given over to the planner, but hiring one, will give you the best of both worlds, they do all the stuff that needs time, focus and consideration, and let’s face it all the boring stuff, you make the decisions and rock up on the day, have a great time and say, "I do."

“Any successful wedding planner is worth their weight in gold, the church could be falling around you, but you wouldn’t know it”

Our Style Card partner, Opulence Wedding and Events provide both UK and destination wedding planning, venue styling plus mobile, enabling you to create a bespoke package all in the one place.; it's all about you achieving the wedding you want, to suit your budget and your individual requirements. Gathering your imaginative ideas they'll bring them to life, assisting in everything from locating the venue to the smaller details like the favours you're going to offer.

You have the vision in your head of how you want the venue to look, but with amass of products and themes to choose from it could be one the area that you really need help with. Throwing together a look isn't as easy as it seems and it takes visionary to get it right, having the creativity and confidence to pull it off, making your venue work for you and the route that you want to down in design. That's another reason it's great to have a planner, they can pick through their event knowledge, contacts to get what you want; working with you to style your venue with your chosen theme.

Opulence Wedding and Events have two offers for Style Card holders:

*Sweet stands start from £110 however for Lifestyle Love Liverpool Girls cardholders it's a discounted rate of £90.

*Style Card holders 15% off the overall cost of what spend.

To see the full range of products that Opulence Weddings and Events holds, click on this link:

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Little Miss Alice Cakes

Finding the baker whose going to bake your cake and make your favours is a task and a half, but needs must and you need to get tasting!! Cake is such a British thing and whether you're a fruit cake lover, a red velvet, madeira, chocolate, even carrot cake, what ever your choice, your cake a central part of your day. A cake really pulls together your theme.

One of the nicest features of wedding is receiving a favour from the bride and groom, but for you, it's potentially quite expensive, wanting to get the right gift, that's unique and we've got three amazing businesses on the Card that'll do just that.

Beautiful wedding favour biscuits by Little Miss Alice Cakes

Originating from the French aristocracy favours, or as the French would call them, bonbonnieres, are a relatively new addition to the British wedding, but a welcome one. They're a gorgeous way of saying 'thank you' to your guests; a small token of appreciation for sharing your special day.

Traditionally guests would receive a small bag or box containing 5 sugared almonds representing the five blessings of health, wealth, happininess, long life and fertility. However, the idea of presenting biscuits is lovely and given the choice of nuts or biscuits, it's going to be biscuits all the time!!!

It's a lovely touch to have them personalised, and the idea of having them as place settings goes one step further. This shows a touch of timeless elegance and makes a very personal 'thank gesture to your guest, which has to put a smile on anybody's face.

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Bloom Delight

Our first is Bloom Delight, a family run chocolate business directed towards customers unique distinguished gifts and healthier self-treats. Their artisan chocolates are handcrafted from premium quality ingredients with natural superfood flavours and fresh fillings.

Bloom Delight has gained the trust of The Ritz and their famous Ritz top hats are filled with their luxury chocolate collection. Who wouldn't want to receive this?!!!

Bloom Delight are offering Style Card holders 15% off ALL purchases.

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Cocoa and Beans

The second of our chocolate products is Cocoa and Beans, a new Liverpool based business.

As a Style Card holder, you'll get 20% of ALL purchases.

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Wink N Pout

You've got to feel amazing on your wedding day, so using the skills of a professional bridal make-up artist is really important, so why not book your wedding , Wink 'N Pout, if you do as, a Style Card holder you'll get 20% off your trial make-up.

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So Style Card bride-to-be ...

make use of your card through the exclusive offers from Bridal Reloved Liverpool, Simon Bellis Photography, Wink N Pout, Opulence Wedding and Events, Bloom Delight, Little Miss Alice Cakes and Cocoa and Beans. Enjoy the planning and of course your wedding day.

Our Exclusive Bridal offers:

*Bridal Reloved Liverpool - FREE veil when you purchase your dress with them.

Make sure you check out the following sites and magazines to see Bridal Reloved Liverpool featured in:

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Brides Magazine 

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*Simon Bellis Photography - An engagement shoot FREE (worth £100) when you book your wedding pictures with them.

*Opulence Wedding and Events - 15% off your over spend and an additional offer for booking a sweet stand, Style Card holders will pay £90, instead of the normal rate of £110.

*Wink n Pout - 20% off your trial make-up

*Bloom Delight 15% off ALL orders

*Cocoa and Beans 20% off ALL orders

Little Miss Alice Cakes - 10% off ALL orders

To access the offer Style Card holders need to log into the membership area on: and quote the discount code when discussing and purchasing.

The Style Card

To view the entire range of offers on The Style Card, click on the link:

If you own and run a business and would like to be part of or find out more information about the LSL Liverpool Girls Style Card, please email us at: we'd love to hear from you.

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