• Attempting aLife After 30

Some Days We have it Together, Some Days We Cry into our 4th bag of M&M’s.

This is my first time writing for the fabulous Life Style Love Liverpool Girls. Something I’m now going to be doing every month, I’d like to say I am your monthly columnist, but that's just because that's my life goal and it seems super fancy, reality I'm going to be writing a blog post each month for you lovely folk.

I wanted to start by introducing myself and the middle of the summer holidays seems perfectly apt and like the prologue of my current life, I am a mum to one gorgeous, funny, loving if not totally exhausting and mildly infuriating (ask me again in 3 weeks and this will probably have hit highly infuriating little boy) if I’m honest, it’s more me than him that makes this exhausting and infuriating . Carter is currently being assessed for ASD and ADHD, and sees the world in a completely different way than most, although if im honest his way often makes way more sense, it's straightforward black and white and I'm trying to guide him through this world of hidden rules, hidden meanings, saying and doing things we:

A. don't want to and

B. don’t make any real sense which is where the infuriation and exhaustion comes in.

At home there is just me and Carter and our dog Hank and I feel like they gang up on me somedays.

I was recently made redundant and I am currently trying to build up not one, but two new businesses, because you know I'm swimming in free time over here.

I love to travel, I love to eat (this is becoming somewhat of an issue, i'm not gonna lie) and I love clothes and fashion. I am always on the lookout for new adventures, which sometimes don't always go to plan. Did I mention i'm also a blogger?? So, yes one child; one dog; a house; 2 businesses; a blog; a vlog and an attempt to do it all well gets somewhat messy at times.

After the last few months, I feel like superwoman, we have a routine and everything has a time and place, I know when I'm going to write, I know when I have time for meetings, everything is organised, I'm up at 5am and before my child gets up work has been done, breakfast is made and by the time he's home from school, I’m ready to talk and read (mainly to myself, he never really listens) and then do all that 'mum stuff', everything was just in a flow and I thought I had it all under control.

The summer holiday has been somewhat of a shock to the old system as I've tried to juggle everything and realize how full my life actually is, I recently wrote about women having it all and believe me, I genuinely do have it all and I love having it all but some days I want to sit in a corner and cry because I'm just god damn overwhelmed. When that video won't load, my child has asked for the millionth time, "When?", soon as (ps can movie theatres please stop writing coming soon, I can't put soon on the calendar), the dog has thrown up on my rug and I need to finish writing and get to the Post Office, I kinda wish I was back in the 50’s and all I had to worry about we keeping the kids alive and the house looking nice. That's not really me though and it's probably not really most of us working mums, we love what we do and we love our lives, but sometimes, some days we just need to moan, we need to shout and scream and be frustrated by our never ending to do list, we want to call the dog, the kids mean things under our breath, we want to order in takeaway and let the whole family zombie out in front of the TV, just so we can switch off for an hour.

Basically, life is filled with picture perfect moments and it might be hectic, but someday’s we kick ass and some days life kicks ours.


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