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Saving your sanity at Christmas

So I can safely talk about Christmas now right ?? I LOVE CHRISTMAS .

Christmas songs - Amazing !

Grottos - Amazing !

Christmas decorations - Amazing !

Costa Christmas drinks - Amazing !

Giving Christmas gifts - Amazing !

Christmas lunch - Amazing !

Chocolate for breakfast - Amazing !

So as you can see I think Christmas is pretty bloody amazing.

I became a Mummy at 26 … and Christmas became a little more ( ok a lot more) stressful.

And there isn't anything more that can take the shine of an amazing Christmas than going grey with stress . The older i’ve got I’ve learnt a few lessons on having a stress-free Christmas.

1. Get organised, I love to get my shopping at actual shops done as early as possible . Why I hear you say, not to earn some amazing Mum brownie points, but to save my sanity, I found the closer to christmas it got, the more hectic the shops got and when I shopped during this time I seemed to absorb everyone else spanic and stress. I panic bought, bought things I didn't need and always felt like I didn't have enough, buying things for the sake of buying. Now I shop early and enjoy a stroll around the Christmas markets stress free knowing there isn't anything I really need to do.

2. F the Jones' … not the actual Jones like ( I love the Jones') but don’t try to keep up with everyone else. What everyone else buys their children, their husbands, wives, and parents is none of your business . Christmas isn't about how big the pile is on your insta pics but about time with family and loved ones . I am quite strict, I won’t buy my child for the sake of buying, I'm sorry, but I am not buying a plie of crap for my child to stick in the cupboard just so I can feel better and not feel inferior to other social media super mums, I will buy my child things he will love and actually use.

3. You dont have to do it all , and I’m talking about you Elf on the stupid bloody shelf, every year would stress about getting my hands on one of these elves but you kow what it was just another thing to add to my ever lasting list of to do’s .. so you know what we never got one , and you know something else , my child is fine. We have Grottos, breakfast with Santa, Christmas trains; Christmas farms; pantos; arts and crafts. The pressure to enforce the magic and do it all as a Mum can be overwhelming, we don't have to do it all though, just do you and don’t feel bad that your child doesn’t have and endless list of Christmas actvities to tick off.

4. Take care of yourself, in the hectic run up to Christmas we are so focused on making everything perfect for the ones we love it can often pile the pressure on, make sure you do some nice things for yourself, take time out, take time to relax and treat yourself to a Christmas pamper, day or night out with the girls or date night, your important to.

I’m sending all my magical stress free Christmas vibes your way, enjoy that holiday period but remember you're only human and the point is all about family and friends in the end, not who has the best Christmas pics on Insta.

Stacey x

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