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There are few things nicer than the anticipation and indulgence; that melt in the mouth moment; the slice of naughtiness that you get from enjoying your favourite cake, it’s one of pleasures you’re not going to feel guilty about or give up. Home baked cake is everywhere. So what happens when you have a passion for cake and you’re a great baker – start up a business. For Alana Spencer, the owner of Ridiculously Rich, that’s become reality. Ridiculously Rich produces on demand, high end cakes and treats, that you will enjoy and want more of. Who wouldn’t be tempted by a piece of Belgian chocolate rocky road, or sumptuous peanut butter fudge cake, maybe even a salted caramel slice or a sticky toffee flapjack. Or maybe a little sophistication with a crème brûlée brownie. Will you succumb?? Well let’s get a bit gooey, how about a divine chocolate brownie.

The Delicious Top Three

We succumbed. And yes the chocolate brownie is divine; it has a lovely texture with a slight crunch and a deliciously soft centre and absolutely moreish and was one of the favourites during the testing, many ummms. The chocolate brownie came joint top with the peanut butter fudge cake; Which when you bite into it gives a cheeky surprise, you're expecting something a little more caramel, but the peanuts conquer and leave a lasting taste in your mouth. It's smooth, full of flavour and extremely moreish with a nice texture and held together when you bit into it, it was just like biting into a Snickers bar. The sweetness of the top of the cake balanced well with the salt in the base. Delicious. And finally the runner up in the top three of Ridiculously Rich's cakes goes to the gooey chewy blonde, between a biscuit and a cake it tasted like shortbread, a real buttery taste. soft and not over powering. So they were our favourites, what's yours?

box of 6 assorted cakes from Ridiculously Rich by Alana
Small Cake Heaven!!

Packaging and Branding

The packaging is as delicious as the cake. There’s a sentimentality about the brand and the choice of cakes available that allow you to indulge; combined with the lines offered, it’s a trip back to our yesterdays. The clever use of pastel colours in the branding and packaging continue the theme, with clever placement, choices and combination of text styles give a hint; an indication of the indulgent luxury that you’re about to eat.

Without a doubt, Ridiculously Rich is a product that has ‘snob appeal’.

You don’t leave your Mr K packaging on the side for friends and family to see, but you’d leave Ridiculously Richs’, as you would a shopping bag from a designer store from your youth.

You’ve discovered a brand that’s high end, exclusive and sublimely rewarding on the eye. There’s an understated elegance about it that hits the mark and makes you want to buy the product, without even tasting it. The paper bags are another throwback, the thin crispness of the paper is smart, and makes you feel like you've just bought a piece of luxury; through the love, care and pride in the product.

Gift Time!!

Giving a cake as a gift, is an odd idea, it’s great to take as a visiting gift, being a Christmas, birthday idea, that would be an outright, no, Ridiculously Rich feels different; the overall concept of the brand appeals to me, it shows a level of thoughtfulness, exclusivity and that’s what gift giving is about. As cakes go, they’re not cheap, but that’s part of the overall appeal; that’s what adds to the glamour; to the brand. The pricing allows the receiver to feel valued and worthy of the luxury they’re about to dive into. Choose to order the cakes and get them delivered to you and it becomes a far more personal gift. Alternatively, why not give the receiver the ultimate say, in the cakes they devour, send them a gift voucher, which is redeemed online. The benefit of the later is that the gift receiver gets the opportunity to select their personal favourites, the only problem is, which to choose.

For further information contact:

Louise@ridiculouslyrichbyalana.co.uk (Merseyside Ambassador)


Facebook: RidicRichMerseyside

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