Reusing is the new recycling

In my last post I talked about the usage of plastic and how a lot of plastics are not recyclable. Though recycling is a great way of helping the environment as it reduces the waste in landfills, its also not so good for the environment, as a lot of things will need more water and electricity to create a new product than actually creating from scratch.  But there's something we can do that will help: reusing! I don't know if you have you ever thought about reusing food packagings such as sauce jars and yoghurt pots or even other types of products such as candles jars before, but if you haven't this blog post will give you some tips to get you started and maybe think about how you can reuse. I've started reusing a few years ago. I started with the candle jars as I absolutely love lighting candles and when they finished, I always ended up with a few nice ones that I don’t want to throw away. So I’ve decided to use it for other things. And from then there were other types of things I started to reuse such as sauce jars, glass yoghurt pots, take away boxes and even Coke and lemonade bottles. Below, I give you a list of things that you can reutilise and also some ideas of what you can do with them!

Candle Jars Candle jars are a great thing to reuse! A lot of candle jars have actually have nice designs and colours - especially the ones from Primark, and as a candle lover, I always feel a shame having to throw them away when they finish. So here's a few ways you can reuse candle jars: Toothbrush holder - instead of buying a new toothbrush holder, you can just reuse a candle jar. I've done this in the past and no one actually thought that it used to be a candle before!

Makeup brush holder - another great way to keep all the makeup brushes we have Hair tie/ hairpin storer - right so I'm sure I'm not the only one on this, the amount of times I cannot find my hair ties or hairpins is actually ridiculous! So I had the idea of keeping them together in a little candle jar and it was so much better! 

Piggybank - get saving and just create a little saving pot with candles that have a lid. 

Stationary holder - we all ended up with endless pens on the bottom of bags. or all over the house, so why not use it to keep all your pens in one place?

reused candle jars
I used old candle jars to store my makeup brushes and my hair ties and hairpins

Sauce jars Sauce jars are a great way to store food. Grain such as couscous and rice, or homemade sauces as well. Anything you can think off, really. I've used it to store couscous, sesame seeds, homemade breadcrumbs... Another thing I've done was reusing an old protein powder jar to put my pasta. 

reused sauce jars
This is how I have reused sauce jars

Yoghurt pots (glass) Glass yoghurt pots are great as dessert bowls! My friend bought some Gu cheesecake recently that came in glass jars and I've kept it for when we make Creme Brule. you can also reuse it for sauces, etc. Plastic bottles There is so many things you can use a plastic bottle for. The main one we've used in the house was to create a greenhouse for our sunflowers but also our basil and mint plants. I've actually found this blog post that has some great ideas of how can reuse plastic bottles. So this is it. Just some ideas to start off. If you're looking for more, Pinterest is a great way to find ideas. Is there anything else you think I should add? Let me know.

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