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OK, I confess I’m a huge candle lover, but It wasn’t until I started researching the artisan market that I discovered how big the market really is, it’s huge and one that seems be growing year on year. More now than ever people are buying some form of candle product, but instead of staying with the big players and aspirational purchases, they’re seeking out the smaller independent producers; Instagram is a prime example, highlighting the growth of candle type products through artisan producers.

As an already confessed, candle lover, although more a traditionalist myself; anybody who knows me, knows that you’re not going to be finding candles which are in the ‘smelly market’. There’s one type of candle only in my house and it’s the non-scented chunky ‘church candles’ variety, having never looked beyond that and specifically not into the ‘smelly market’. To me scented candles are over-powering, with a tendency to give me headaches……within minutes, until I came across Pongo Candles, one of my Instagram or Facebook finds.

Pongo Candles is a small family run business which as they describe “produces home fragrances.” Every item that they produce has been hand-made, hand poured and hand-picked. Rather than mass producing them, they make to order, so you’ll know that, the candles that you’ve ordered have been crafted and poured specifically for you, which I have to say, I love, it provides that care and attention to detail that I’m looking for.

What was it that first grabbed my attention about Pongo Candles and gave them a chance with me? Answer: The tin and the labelling!! Yes, you read that right, the tin and the labelling. Instant love and that sold the product to me straight away. Most people would go to the scents available, but for me it was all about the packaging; I want to buy something that looks exclusive; transfixed by the look, with a clean, modern, yet with a vintage feel. The combination of tin and paper gives a cool understated high-end look and like that little black dress hanging up in your wardrobe, you can dress it up or down, it fits in perfectly into any interior, any room in the house, looking confidently sophisticated, yet understated. None of this run of the mill glass pots, where every artisan and mass producer, hangs on to the coat tails of Jo Malone!! The use of tin and brown paper labelling has given it an edge on competitors because it’s different. Once past the look of Pongo Candles, I then started to flick through the scents and there’s not a massive amount of choice, which like any good restaurant menu shows that quality is more important than quantity; it highlights a confidence in the product, not needing to flood the market with a huge range. Pongo Candles will undoubtably become one of those sort after brands that people sublimely and subtly place in their home for others to see, give the nod to, without saying a word.

Convinced by the products and the Pongo Candles, I placed my order - Sweet Rose and Vanilla, thinking this isn’t going to be my thing, but I absolutely love it.

So, I confess, Pongo Candles goes against all my pre-conceptions about the smelly market and I now have my first scented candle.

Product Range and Scents

The product range is split between the candles and the melts.

The Candles.

You have choice of sizes when you purchase, you can either go for the Big Pongo, which retails at £15 or Little Pongo candles which retail at £11


French Lavender and Vanilla

Sweet Rose and Vanilla

Sandlewood and Myrrh

Aqua di Pongo

Amber and Ginger Lily

Sandlewood and Blackpepper

French Lavender

English Rose

The Melts

Each pack of melts has 6 individual pieces. Each pack of melts costs £5

One of the gorgeous melts produced by Pongo Candles


French Lavender and Vanilla

Sweet Rose and Vanilla

Sandlewood and Myrrh

Aqua di Pongo

Amber and Ginger Lily

Sandlewood and Black Pepper

English Rose



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