Plump and Firm - Just How a Girl Likes It

Ok, I'n not post menopausal, more peri, but having come across a post on Instagram about a @Praibeauty creme targeting post-menopausal women, I looked further into the @dailymailonline #femail article and declared to @Praibeauty that ......

Being true to my word, I bought and have been using the Prai Platinum Firming and Toning Crème for just over 4 weeks. Not being one to buy into the marketing strategies of beauty companies, preferring to rely on my go to products, I was intrigued. With the early onset symptoms of the menopause, I’m noticing changes in my body and want to keep my face intact for as long as possible, so when this crème came to my attention and being open to new product ideas, with those proclaiming to 'prolong’ and ‘look after my skin’ when the word 'menopause' is mentioned I bought into it, especially when encouraged by 'real world' comments from ‘satisfied ladies’ on the M&S website, using: ‘Heavenly’, ‘Transformed’, ‘Smooth’ and ‘Plump’, I had to give it a go.

From the very start I’ve liked the product, a thick crème, with a lovely 'summery beach' smell. Having no idea how much to apply, I’ve opted for a conservative amount, I was using just a finger-tip full, this gave me full coverage and allowed me to sweep up my neck in the hope that it would help that area too. Within 5 days, surprisingly I could really feel the creme working, it gives a quick firming hit and over time the skin has also regained a little plumpness, which made me fully appreciate the comments made by women about the effects it had on their skin.

Absorption is immediate and hasn't left my skin greasy, quite the opposite in fact!! My biggest concern about using a new crème was that I have quite sensitive skin, which has the tendency to react quickly if it disagrees, plus I suffer from Rosacea, but surprisingly my skin has coped and reacted well.

The product information suggests applying the twice daily, I confess I’ve only been using it in the morning. One of the things I discovered is that the crème provides a great base for foundation and make-up, providing a much better canvas to work with, coverage is better and final results after application appear to be even smoother.

What I haven’t seen is the overall affects that women in the @dailymailonline article quoted, presumably as I’m yet to go through the menopause process, which means not dealing with skin that lacks the elasticity and dryness caused by hormonal changes. So with my initial four week trial period over, my conclusion is that I’m still going to be using the Platinum Firming and Toning Crème, but to use it as a preventative crème than a restorative one. I like it and for somebody who’s got a pretty basic beauty routine, that's saying something. Thanks @Praibeauty I'm looking forward to keeping my face as plumb and firm for as long as possible.

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