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For everybody who has been involved with LSL Liverpool Girls from the very beginnings, we introduced an amazing company called Lily’s Bespoke Candles, we had great offers from them and the ladies who bought or won their products in our giveaways absolutely loved the design and the scents they produced. Lily’s have been away for a while – going through a rebrand and are now called Lily’s of Liverpool @lilysofliverpool. So, it’s really great news, that today we can announce that they have become an offical Style Card partner, offering 20% off of all their product lines.

The concept of Lily’s of Liverpool, founded by two local ladies from Chester and Liverpool, is based on their love of candles and bespoke products, so why not combine the two. Tired of seeing the same scents every time they went shopping, they set up their own business, but instead of following the mass market, they identified a gap, letting the customer personalise their purchase, which undoubtably will be the key to their success and establishing the brand in such a competitive market. The idea of producing authentic and unique products – bespoke products, where the client makes the decisions is a real plus; we’re all unique, including our sense of smell, so why not produce products that identify with that uniqueness. This underlying concept works simply by allowing customer to make three choices, the scent, the strength and the size of the candle. With twelve scents to choose from, the strength ranging from subtle to standard to strong and the size, a choice from 20cl or 30cl product, it’s up to you. This is a simple but brilliant concept, giving people the opportunity to customise and construct around the person they’re buying for. Truly a unique and special gift.

“Just because I like certain scents, doesn’t mean we’re all going to like them; so, we give customers the chance to create their own candle.”

The centre of the business is selecting the best scents, which thought has gone into, too. Each scent is built from using fragrance and essential oils. If you don’t want to customise, you can buy off the shelf from four fabulous signature scents:

  • The Three Graces

  • Queen Mary II

  • Lord Sefton

  • Port of Liverpool

It doesn’t matter that the number of scents is limited, it’s knowing that they’re produced individually, as and when you order and that care and attention to detail has gone into the making and pouring of the product. Made from soy wax, means that you’re not going to get those nasty chemicals in the product, it’s 100% natural, with clean burning, no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, so if you suffer from allergies, you too can enjoy Lily's of Liverpool, unlike paraffin wax, which the mass-produced market uses to produce their candles. The choice of quality and natural ingredients also means that the product can be enjoyed between 30- 50% longer than a paraffin-based candle. So, what’s not to like??

The products are packaged beautifully, from the box, the labelling, it was a real treat to open the package and find this beautifully presented box, the branding on the candles brings the product together and makes them look sophisticated, whatever room or wherever you put them. The design is simple and elegant, making Lily’s of Liverpool candles a treat for you or as a gift for somebody else.

Initially starting with candles, then came the diffusers and the100ml reed diffusers, this allowed Ashley to experiment further with scents. Along with the bespoke scents they offer signature ones too, all have a strong scent with a subtle undertone, Ashley loves experimenting, to mix scents together to create one - becoming that unique scent.

Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser - Lily's of Liverpool

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