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How not to lose friends! The WhatsApp group edition.

Time with friends - the older you get the harder it seems to be to make time for your friends, and not through the want of trying. If anyone has ever been part of a WhatsApp group trying to organise a girls meet up and I’m not even talking a night out, I’m talking grabbing a half hour coffee; it’s like a military operation. This is no exaggeration, I think there should be some sort of award ceremony for it each year, as anyone who actually manages to get everyone together, and have no one have cancel at the last minute deserves some sort of recognition - right ? Although that would be some WhatsApp group.

I feel really lucky; that at the grand old age of 34 I still have a really close group of friends, it would have been so easy to loose touch many years ago, once we left school and wasn't all so carefree and it does actually take some effort sometimes, but no effort at all at others. Arranging a get together: MAJOR EFFORT, Staying besties: EASY PEASY.

1. Keep in touch , even if it’s just a weekly or daily (hourly if your my friends, I mean they actually call my Mum with concern if they haven't heard from me in a few hours ) check in, make sure you know what’s going on in each other lives even if it takes 4 hours to hold a simple txt convo, between the kids bath-time, making the dinner and hiding in the coat cupboard to eat some chocolate in peace (Just kidding , not kidding).

2. Be there for the important stuff , I never miss something important In my friends lives , even if for months we havn't managed to meet up, and we have a string of Rain checked coffees and lunches ( yes i'm talking about you Danielle) be there for the weddings , the babies , the fall outs , the bad times and all, those are the times we can put other stuff to the side in life and be there for those that matter the most.

3. Make time, it doesn’t have to be a night out every week, I mean we are not 20 anymore; it doesn’t even have to be monthly, but make it regular to do something together even if it’s just an hour coffee and a gossip. This isn’t just about friends either tthis is about any of those people we love in our lives, grown up adult life and kids tend to get in the way of all our fun, I love spending time with my Mum and my Sis they are my best friends, but the summer holidays took its toll , so we decided to make an effort, set a date and all got organised. The kids were all in holiday clubs and nursery and we had a girls day planned, once the date was in the diary we fully committed.

We arranged a day of shopping and afternoon tea. We went all out and booked a fancy table at


at 30 James Street Hotel and enjoyed having the laziest of lunches with the most amazing views, which we all know isn’t the easiest to do with a gang of little angels, making noise, a mess and complaining that the WiFi is crap and declaring that they are bored every 5 minutes . We got 2 for 1 with my

The Style Card

, so absolute bargain summer holidays are expensive enough as it is so a fabulous treat and a bargain at the same times was all good with me and my bank account.

I suppose what I’m saying is sometimes life is hard and hectic and we have so much on but we do have to make the time for those that are important to us , even if it takes a 7 day Whatsapp group to pin a date , make sure you do . Friends are important , they are the family we choose !! and Family are the first friends we have.

Stacey x

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