Hey, Chester Girls, Welcome!!

Good morning to you all, I thought that I'd better get on here and just do a little introduction about Liverpool & Chester Girls and probably a little about me.

It's probably easier to start with me. Ok, I'm Sarah, a Business teacher by trade, I've taught for about 28 years, but decided a few years ago that I just wanted to do something for me and with that in mind Liverpool Girls came about and since then I've been juggling teaching full-time with setting up LG. The biggest decision I made was to quit my nice secure teaching job and do supply so that I could focus on LG one day a week, unfortunately Covid came along and I didn’t get furloughed, so that’s been fun!!! How did my decision come about to do what I have? I took part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, everybody said it would change me and it did, it gave me courage to do what I want to do and I see things from a different perspective now, I wanted to just do other things.

To Liverpool and now Liverpool & Chester Girls, it’s a community for women, both individuals and women with their own businesses, at the very centre of it is The Style Card, this provides discounts for women from a whole host of businesses and there’s an endless list of possibilities, it’s not just about the gorgeous things in life, but the practical stuff to. (Businesses who become partners, don’t have to be female). Ladies who buy into The Style Card will have access to ALL the discounts whether you live in Chester or Liverpool and all the surrounding areas. I prefer the word ‘offer', to discounts but discounts are what they are!! Although some businesses prefer to offer free gifts or fixed discounts. If you head over to the website you can see all of the offers that currently exist. I've put a link to the website in the bio, please, take a look, it'll give you a good understanding of what L&CG is about, with me boring you here, but the aim is for:

*female based events, social, informative and networking

*All Woman – the blog which is up and running. Contributions are always welcome, either as guest bloggers and those of you who'd like to introduce your business.

* The Woman’s Room – a forum which I'd really love to get up and running, a ‘Mumsnet' type thing for us Liverpool & Chester Girls.

I’ve been umming and arring about adding in Chester for a while, so I just decided to go for it and here I am.

I'm all about community, helping out so I'd love you all to get involved, whether as a individual girl/woman/lady, however you prefer to be addressed, but do get involved, whether through posting, blogging, asking questions etc and it’s the same for businesses, get in contact, get involved. The more involved, the better it gets.

Before I go, a disclaimer about my pic, I don’t have any ‘normal' ones, can’t do selfies, so I'm putting one up from a photobooth session!!!!

Before I go, aselfies, so I'm putting one up from a photobooth session!!!!

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