#FemaleFollowFriday - Tina

This week we’re introducing Tina as our newest #FemaleFollowFriday. Tina is a mum to three teens and has been married for twenty years and a very talented lady.

Tina produces hand painted plaques and clocks. The concept came about purely by accident whilst painting a Christmas picture for the family home, Tina wanted something that would last, so she painted it on an old wooden shelf!!! Delighted with the result, Tina decided to post it on Facebook, little did she know that it would be such a hit, she ended up painting one for nearly all of her friends!! Then friends of friends of friends saw them and it just went from there.

Tina has now expanded into plaques and clocks for any occasion, not just Christmas. Like all crafty people, Tina had a go at other projects, including glasses, bags, shoes, but decided her focus should be producing beautifully illustrated plaques and clocks.

Tina is meticulous in her design work and each is unique to the client, she doesn’t use any printing or stickers to produce the plaques, everything is done from scratch allowing every product created to be unique for the client, and I think you’ll agree that they look amazing.

“A client will come to me with a celebration

and then we’ll sit down and discuss ideas,

generally this will involve looking at photos,

hearing the odd funny story or two, I’ll then

come up with a sketch and then it’s up to the

client to approve.”

The feedback from Tina's clients has been fab. They love the consultation, the time spent finding out about the person the plaque is intended for and then conveying that story into gorgeous illustrations that she produces. The key to her success is the quality of workmanship and the love that goes into each product.

"All of my customers have said how

unique my plaques are and the fact that

they’re hand painted creates such a unique


Each plaque is made to the requirements of the client

One client said she loved the fact the she could see the brushstrokes and the hand drawn lines, as it showed the time and hard work that had gone into the plaque and that it proved that it was an individual to them and not mass produced”.

Contact info and details:

Instagram: @plaquespersonalised

Facebook: facebook.com/prettyplaquesandpumps

Email: personalisesplaques@btinternet.com

If you want to be our #FemaleFollowFriday email: lifestyleloveliverpool@gmail.com/ alternatively you can comment below and I'll get in touch.

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