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This week we're introducing another amazing #meetthebusinessowner, this week it's Sophie Hale. Sophie is starting her own fitness class for mums and if they don't available childcare, the babies can come along too!! starting Friday 4th October, 1pm at URC church, Eshe Road, Crosby.

Sophie of Sophie Hale Coaching

My name is Sophie Hale and I run my own business called Hale Coaching. I am a L3 qualified personal trainer and a new mum to Jacob Alexander who is 4 months old.

I have been passionate about health and fitness for about 5 years now, but I decided to wait until I was 38 weeks pregnant ( very stupid) to finally qualify as a personal trainer. I studied while I was pregnant alongside my full time job, working ini the Civil Service; with the view to starting my own business when I was on my maternity leave, giving me something to focus on that I genuinely enjoy.

I absolutely love being a mum, but it’s really tough to go from being very active and enjoying an active pregnancy to feeling really unfit and demotivated during my postpartum recovery.

I wanted to use my experience and knowledge of fitness to  create a class for women who want to get fit postpartum, but don’t know where to start, as well as having the option to bring their babies along and join in too! Studies have shown that exercising with your baby not only strengthens your bond but it also helps them develop their muscular and motor skills if you incorporate their tummy time into the workout.

Finding time for yourself when you’re a mum is so difficult, but a happy mum means a happy baby; I don’t want any woman to feel that they can’t enjoy keeping fit or prioritise their health just because they’re a primary caregiver.

Aside from wanting to help others, I really wanted to create a community of women to support me in my own postpartum recovery and connect other mums so that they don’t feel alone in their journey.  I’ve already gained so much support from sharing my experiences and advice on my Instagram page.

If you’re interested in joining one of my classes, or want to follow me on my journey then follow my Instagram (@sophiehalecoaching) and pop me a message to say hi! I post workout videos, fitness tips and lessons learnt from being a new mum. Plus lots of cute baby pics! I also have a blog where I write posts on fitness and mum life.

Contact Details:

Instagram: @sophiehalecoaching


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