#FemaleFollowFriday - Nicola McHugh

Today’s #FemaleFollowFriday is Nicola McHugh. Nicola has always been addicted to craft and obsessed with paper, so decided to set up her own business called, Scouse Bunny. Originally from London, Nicola moved to Liverpool twelve years ago, when she met her husband and feel not only in love with him, but also feel in love with Liverpool, “I LOVE Liverpool. I love the city, the water, the places, the people, the community.”

Nicola had always worked in childcare and then went on to have the first of two children herself and rather than juggling work with being a mum, Nicola decided to became a stay at home mum, as it wasn’t really an option with two young children. During this time Nicola confessed that she was getting bored and wanted to do something that would be for her, so she went back to crafting, she started to make new friends and they started wanting the little things that she was making for her son to take into school and for his friends; his birthday invitations, the cards her son gave his teachers, the Christmas treats that she made for him…. So Nicola started selling odds bits to friends and then it took off, friends of theirs were wanting Nicola's products. At this point I decided to start selling online and doing a few craft fairs, here and there and it’s taken off.

Nicola’s plans for the future are to develop the business further, develop awareness and to expand her client base.

Contact Details:

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scousebunnyliverpool/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scousebunny

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