Meet the Business Owner - Lynda Trueman

This week we’re introducing Lynda Trueman as our #meetthebusinessowner, Group member, Lynda recently set up her own business called Tea-Birds Cake Stands. If you need to rent or want to buy a cake stand, Tea-Birds Cake Stands is where you need to be head for. Forget the modern day, mass produced cake stands, Lynda’s are all hand made using vintage china and we think they’re absolutely gorgeous. Here's Lynda's story:

My love for old china started in my teens when an elderly aunt passed away and no other family members wanted her prized tea set and dinner service. So they came my way and I LOVED them! But it was the seventies and all my friends thought they were vile and that I was bonkers!

A few elderly relatives later, I had quite a collection of vintage china, my favourite thing being tea cups and saucers. So that started a collecting habit, and my love for tea in a teacup, earned me the nick-name ‘Tea Bird’. I don’t think I have had a cup of tea or coffee from a mug since the eighties!

Eventually my friends and family began to appreciate that popping round for a cuppa would be a vintage experience - teapots and sugar basins, cake stands and teacups - and not a teabag in sight.

But a recent down-sizing forced me to consign most of my collection to my loft, and this troubled me. It seemed such a waste for these ‘treasures’ to be hidden away. Then a friend asked if she could borrow a few cake stands for her baby shower, and when I realised I didn’t have enough of them, the idea came to me of making them from a box full of odd plates I’d found.

And so the cake stand making began. At first for the love of it - putting all those odd plates back into use to be loved again. Soon I couldn’t make them fast enough as everyone who called round and saw them (they are all over my dining room floor) wanted to buy or borrow them! It seems we all appreciate a pretty cake stand, to set off our cakes.

So the decision was made! From then on the teapots and teacups, the cake stands and milk jugs, the sugar basins and tea plates, would all be shared with other vintage china lovers. I don’t know what my great aunts would make if a cake stand made up of three mis-matched pieces. Worse still that it sits on a table with a Spode teapot and a Minton milk jug. But it seems we modern girls love it. And our tea, coffee and cakes taste better for it!



Instagram: teabirdscakestands

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