#FemaleFollowFriday - Linda Anslow


This week’s #FemaleFollowFriday is Life Style Liverpool Girls group member, Linda. Linda lives in Ashton in Makerfield and has just turned 50!! From the age of 16 she has had a variety of jobs, but found herself in her last job accidently. Finding herself in the position of being a single mum, raising two young children (who were three and six at the time), Linda needed to have a specific income to just keep the roof over their heads. Fortunately, an opportunity came up.

Linda progressed well within the company, however the job was very stressful and there was little work life balance. She also found herself caring for her mum and was feeling really drained and exhausted all of the time. In May of this year a friend recommended that Linda should try a sample of a new coffee that she was promoting and “the effect that it had on my mood and energy was amazing. I felt like my old self again and had the energy I needed to care for both myself and my Mum and children”.

This was when Linda decided to become a brand influencer for the company which is called RevitalU; she set about promoting and introducing people who could benefit from its weight loss, energy boosting and improved cognitive properties.

​Three weeks ago Linda was made redundant from her stressful job and made the decision that she didn’t want to work for anyone else again and that she’s now going to put my efforts 100% into my RevitalU business and to help others feel as good as she does now, just 6 months after starting to use the products. Linda says, “the freedom is great, you can work from anywhere, all you need is your smart phone and WIFI!!”

RevitalU is the only patented sample first company, where you can sample all of the products, currently coffee, cocoa and capsules totally free before you buy and there is also a 30 day money back guarantee on your first monthly purchase.

What Linda finds even more amazing is that you can actually sample the business too!!!! If in your first 30 days you decide it’s not for you, you’ll get your investment back.

Benefits of RivatelU

Website: https://revitalu.co.uk/Cleverbeans

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