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My name is Laura and I run X-Hail Liverpool. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and Meditation instructor. I also have a medical background in Operating Department Practice.

I offer modern mediation across the city in the form of pop ups and regular weekly classes. Forget what you think you know about meditation, this is X-Hail meditation. A class for all that you are, mind, body and soul.

MIND: Each class is a unique fusion of modern mindfulness and meditation techniques, designed to rest and reset your tired minds, against a backdrop of blissfully mixed Ibiza anthems.

BODY: Expect flowing sequences of rhythmic movements inspired by Yoga and Chi-gung, with music you know and love deepening your experience. With every breath linked to your movement and infused with the decedent essential oil blend that fills the air to help you truly de-stress.

SOUL: This is your space to slow down, breathe deep and reconnect with your soul, leaving you with a distinctive after-glow of calm and confidence like no other!

These sessions are for those who want to optimise health and well-being whilst experiencing deep connection to the soul and channelling of chi without sacrificing the modern lifestyle!

There's currently nothing else out there like XHail.

I decided to become an X-Hail instructor and set up my own business when I became seriously ill a few years back. I was too ill for my yoga practice and found myself being drawn more and more to meditation. I discovered how easy it can be to meditate. It's almost as if we have been tricked into thinking it is really difficult and there is only one way to do it (sit up straight, legs crossed for hours and in silence) Wrong! You can literally meditate anywhere, for as little or as long as you like.

I became fascinated in learning more about the health benefits involved with this ancient practice. Knowing how much the population is struggling with mental health and major illnesses, why aren't more of us aware of how much meditation can help? The impact stress has on our body is detrimental. I know, I was experiencing it first hand.

X-Hail use easy and intuitive techniques to help ready the mind and body in preparation for meditation. We are about accessible spirituality! No guru status, just real people with real lives, knowing how valuable 'me time' is. There really is no way you can do it wrong!

A new wave of spirituality is here! This is X-Hail. This is for everyone!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/xhail_liverpool

Facebook: www.facebook.com/xhailliverpool

Twitter: www.twitter.com/xhailliverpool


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