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I'm Coni, I'm originally from Chile, but I've now been living in the UK (Liverpool) for two years, after meeting and marrying a Scouser!!

My passion for psychology started after suffering for several years with an eating disorder, specifically anorexia nervosa. I became ill when I was 17 and had to attend 5 years of therapy to fully recover, not without a relapse in the middle of it. I began studying journalism, by the time I was recovering and after 5 years of therapy, I realised that I wanted to be a psychotherapist, helping people like my psychologist helped me. By that time though, I was already in my last year of journalism, so I decided to finish the degree and then that I went to Australia with a W&H Visa for a year, where I reassured myself that that was the path for me. In the meanwhile, I met my husband and I ended up coming and studying here in the UK.

I did a MSc Psychology conversion in Hope University and then studied for a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the European Institute of Applied Psychology (IEPA). My training was based on CBT, but I also work froma gender perspective focusing on self-esteem, perfectionist patterns and pressures from society, among others. I've been recently trained in solution focused therapy too.

I also had training in relaxation techniques, mindfulness, ACT, among others. I started working with women early this year volunteering in a women’s centre providing mental health support to service users from every background and with a variety of mental health issues.

This year I start my accreditation as a psychotherapist, in the meantime I am working as a mental health specialist with women in private practice, I also volunteer in WHISC (charity in Bold St).

My approach to therapy with clients is CBT and also feminism, I mean I use a gender perspective to what whatever is my client experiencing as we can't NOT consider this approach. As women, we are part of a patriarchal society, and even if the UK seems to be progressive there are a lot of differences between men and women (in the UK 14% of the business are owned by women against 84% by men; also by every pound a man earns a woman earns 80p, among other differences).

Pressures towards motherhood, beauty standards, gender roles, and so on are impacting our mental health without us noticing it. And that's why I created @conitherapy so I can give a safe place for women to talk about whatever is happening to them and rebuild new standards, and a feminist mindset, where we are aware of our rights and we demand equality in every aspect of our lives.

Coni offers Group and 1:1 therapy. This coming Tuesday (3rd September) she will be offering a FREE group session in Crosby.

Contact Details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/conitherapy/?hl=en

website: https://www.conitherapy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conitherapy/

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