Disappointing Beauty Buys

We all know I love a new product. My wages haven’t even hit my bank account and I have an online basket full of new beauty products without even so much as breaking a sweat, but sometimes its short lived, sometimes I buy a product and it’s just not at all that I hoped for.

Here are just a few I have tried this month that have fallen at the first hurdle.

Maybelline Super Stay foundation

Now, I am a LOVER of a drugstore foundation and Maybelline is my favourite. Their 'Fit Me' foundation is unreal, my absolute go to foundation and one that I can compare with the likes of MAC and NARS.

I had heard good things about Super Stay and with it being another Maybelline product I thought, well they can’t go wrong surely? I have used this product 2/3 times and I just cannot get on board with it at all. Not sure why it is called Super Stay as it goes patchy after a couple of hours, especially around my mouth and nose. Another factor I don’t like is the shade options, I am a pro at matching my skin tone with foundations however this one in the shade ‘Warm honey’ (which bear in mind is exactly the same as the Fit Me) is really quite orange.

Overall, I wouldn’t use this product again and considering it is a couple of pounds more than the Fit Me I really wouldn’t suggest spending your money on this one at all.

Lacura Healthy Glow Retinol Toner

Now I hear you, Dawn it’s a toner how can you not like this? I guess I was expecting a lot from this as if you don’t know already the Lacura skin care range from Aldi is incredible. Low prices with products that actually work; my expectations were high. Packaging wise, this is an absolute dupe of the much more expensive Pixi Glow tonic, so I was immediately intrigued. This particular toner is supposed to ease redness and battle any blemishes, both of which I have and if I’m honest it did the opposite and made my skin a little sore. Whether it is the toner or just my skin I obviously can’t confirm. It won’t put me off trying their range as I have never had anything but good things to say about the skincare range prior to this toner.

Alex Steinherr at Primark – Plump and Glow Lip gloss

If you have never heard of Alex, immediately follow her on Instagram she is a fabulous award-winning beauty journalist and knows more than a thing or two regarding skincare. For the past two years she has been working on product development with Primark to put together a range of affordable skincare all of which cost no more than £5. The most frustrating thing about trying to get your hands on these products is finding a Primark that has any left! I tried the Plumping lip gloss, a range with Hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts. For £5 the consistency and colour of this lip gloss I actually did like quite a lot, but if you’re expecting volume in your lips then you will be disappointed. I have tried a few plumping lip glosses before that really tingle and swell your lips, this one however didn’t make any difference at all.

Overall, I love the packaging and how minimalist and monochromatic it is and obviously the price points are hugely appealing so I am keen to try more of her products, however the Lip gloss is something that doesn’t really follow up with what it says on the tin.

If you have any products you would like me to try leave a comment below!


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