Designing The Style Card

The Style Card. Taken by @attemptingalifesfter30

Why did I choose the design that I did for The Style Card?

There are a number factors which led to the design of the card I'm a huge fan of Art Deco, its vibrancy, the bold design elements, the orange, blue, yellow, green colours which are typical of that era. I love the advertising, particularly the posters, which make everything looks so glamorous, it’s unmistakable, the way women dressed, the way a product can be advertised, a holiday destination, a seaside resort, a mode of transport. All of this I wanted to try and fit into the card design, but importantly I had to get the architecture of Liverpool in the design too.

What does the design say about Liverpool? In one word, ‘everything’, I love the boldness and vibrancy of the city, its historical past, the amazing architecture and of course the people and particularly the glamorous ladies, so I wanted the design to reflect all of this and personally I think its come out really well and people like the design and comment on how bold is, I also wanted it to pop and be noticeable in purses and wallets amongst the other cards that you carry. Even the back has a bold design.

My favourite part of the design?

It’s got to be the lady, she typifies everything ‘30’s and I just think she's gorgeous!!

Who designed The Style Card?

I've got to mention the designer of the card @alldrawnbyjenna who I probably drove around the twist, but eventually, I said, Yes, that's perfect.

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