Defining Time - The Power of Perfume

Like a piece of music, perfume has the power to transport you back in time. Over the year’s memories have been created from my first Pretty Peach to my 'it' perfume of today, Gucci Flora. My relationship with perfume has been continuous, some an experiment with persona, others fashion of the day, to those that have just smelt gorgeous. Defined by the decades and the fashions of the time, there are some perfumes that I wouldn't revisit and others that I could, but like relationships that have ended, they finished for a reason, our relationship with perfume is about making new memories and not blurring the old.

At about 8 I had my very first perfume, Pretty Peach by Avon. The innocence and simplicity of the smell, the bottles just wouldn't work with girls today, it's a different age with 'celebrities' and influencers marketing to young children, during their five minutes of fame; it's a real shame, but seems to be the society that we live in.

Pretty Peach by Avon

At 17, I was finding myself, becoming a devotee of Cosmopolitan, following the fashion, trends, seeing all the glossy adverts for perfume, peeling back the strips, smelling and rubbing the perfumes on to my wrist; to browsing around the perfume counters in Boots, smelling the testers and inhaling the overwhelming heady smells of all those perfumes that were classics of the '80's. Calvin Klein launched Obsession; it was my very first real perfume, influenced by the magazine advertising and even more sensual TV adverts, I loved it; it sent the perfume stratospheric and launched Calvin Klein.

Obsession - Calvin Klein

Next on my wrists was Dior; most of my friends were wearing Opium, too strong for me, I went for Christian Dior's Poison; still a very strong perfume, but not as sharp, but the bottle said it all; I wore it for about 3 years before it's strength over-powered me and I moved on.

Christian Dior - Poison

I wanted a more subtle perfume, one that defined me, so I headed to another Dior perfume, this time Diorissimo, influenced by Patsy Kensit, (not sure why now though!) I started to buy, but it didn't last for long, it was too weak for me.


Once again I succumbed to the marketing and changing trends; Again I went back to a known brand, I was back with Calvin Klein, this time it was Eternity. Possibly one of the most iconic brands of the '90's, with a young Kate Moss who fronting the campaign. I loved it. A very 90's perfume I still have my original bottle with perfume in it, I wouldn't wear Eternity today, but it does still smell amazing; a memento from a great period of my life.

I moved back to Dior and Poison, but they'd launched a far more subtle sister to Poison, Tendre Poison, this perfume was to see me through ten years of my life, from my late twenties through to my late thirties.

Tendre Poison by Christian

I didn't fall out of love Tendre Poison, but, I'd needed a change; this time I headed to a classic, Chanel No.5. I think I was influenced by its cult reputation, its supposed sophistication, but time with No.5 was short, it wasn't for me, the scent that was too old for me and after a while I was looking to find something reassuring, soft and warm, of course I headed back to Tendre Poison, but my dalliance with it was short-lived Yet again, I had a wandering nose, friends at work were raving about and wearing Coco Mademoiselle; possibly the 'it' perfume to wear, it was different, clean, fresh and I started wearing it; but it wasn't to be, my relationship with this Mademoiselle, was little more than a passing fancy; our relationship lasted for about a year, I woke one morning and couldn't stomach the smell. Au revoir, Mademoiselle.

H e l l o G u c c i !!

And the one and only gorgeous, Flora!!

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