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The sun’s out and it’s starting to warm up out there and it’s only 9am. Have you got your glasses on? Your plastic glasses?! How many times a day do I put either my prescriptions or sun glasses on, I couldn’t guess, but not until recently had I even thought about them being made from plastic. It’s been such a hot topic over the last couple of years and when I log on to my social media, news feeds etc, it’s being highlighted even more and clearly showing that there’s a real problem out there, particularly facing the world’s oceans and it’s scary to think what could happen in the not too distant future “If no action is taken, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.” (World Economic Forum).

Karun Eyewear

I’m guilty of thinking about plastic just as the day to day consumables, our food and drink packaging in, and yes, I’ve really become aware, about the need to recycle and I do it every single week, even to the point, where I’m now bringing plastic home from work to recycle. What I hadn't thought about was eye wear!!! So then I thought I’d love to know how many pairs get thrown away every single year, not quite to the level of plastic straws, but it’s got to be a pretty high number it’s, 10 million pairs of glasses just in Europe and the US are thrown away each year!! That’s a ridiculous number and a ridiculous waste going into landfill. In my childhood, old glasses went to the third world, does this even happen now????

Karun Eyewear

The reason that I’m doing this blog is because we’re all, or should all be aware of our plastic consumption, reducing it and recycling; scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across these sunglasses and prescription glasses from a company called, Karȗn. I’d never heard the name before, but really liked what I read and what I saw. Karȗn produce eyewear that is produced in a totally sustainable way, using materials that have been ethically sourced or recycled. This is the bit that I loved, they’re produced out of all things like, wood, denim and recycled fishing nets. As soon as I saw the wooden glasses, I was in love, and with further investigation into the website, you can take the frames along to the optician and get them with your personal prescription, but personally I’m going to check this with my optician before purchasing. It’s amazing to think that I could be wearing prescription or sunglasses or both that have been produced using old construction wood or from wind fallen Chilean oak. I just think it’s brilliant.

Karun Eyewear

A surprising fact that I discovered, was reading through the website and other research is that the fashion industry is one of the highest contaminators in the world with an estimated 3 billion pairs of jeans made a year, with 80% of those eventually ending up in landfill, so it’s great that businesses like Karȗn are using discarded fabrics like denim in their production of eyewear products. So every and any use of discarded products in the manufacture of anything has my vote. How about yours?

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