Bold Street: The Italian Club

Bold Street is totally amazing, I just think the range of places to eat and drink is brilliant and the fact that it’s close to Central and Lime Street, make it the perfect place to meet up and enjoy some great food from the great restaurants and bistros dotted along there; especially as it’s the Bank Holiday weekend.

During a torrential downpour we were scurrying along Bold Street, trying to find somewhere to eat and we found this gorgeous little restaurant/bistro called, The Italian Club. Here’s why we loved it and would recommend it.

We loved the interior of the Italian Club, it was like walking into an Italian that I'd visited in Manhattan!!

As soon as you walk in you feel like you have been transported to Italy; it even reminded me of walking into an Italian restaurant in New York City, it was just that kind of place, it had this great relaxed atmosphere about it; friendly, welcoming and warm. We got a lovely table towards the back of the restaurant, but to be perfectly frank any table would have been fine, it was that kind of place. The décor was lovely, you felt that you were in a smart authentic Italian bistro or restaurant. It’s just one of those places that you’d just keep going back to. Great use of pictures on the walls and the choice of yellow as a back drop just added to the overall atmosphere. The windows at the back allowed loads of light to stream through, even though it was a really miserable, horrible day in Liverpool, the restaurant was still really light and bright. We sat in an area with a gorgeous vaulted ceiling. On a nice day there’s a little court yard at the back, which if it had been sunny would have been a lovely place to sit and enjoy your food. This would be a great place to show a picture or two of the main course, but..........we ate them!!!

The staff were friendly, really attentive, without being overbearing, and we were given the right amount of time from sitting down, to ordering drinks and then our food. You just couldn’t fault the service; it was great.

The food that we ordered was gorgeous, taken from the pasta e secondi menu, We went for the Penne Alla Principessa, which was oven baked penne with chicken and fresh asparagus, served in a white wine and cream sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, it was delicious. Everything was cooked perfectly, the chicken was tender and the asparagus was cooked to perfection; combined with the sauce it was amazing and filled a ravenous hole. The other meal ordered was the Melanznae Alla Parmigiana, which was apparently as delicious. Perfect sizes, particularly if you wanted to go for a starter and or pudding. The food comes out really hot, so watch your mouths!! And then finally, cake of the day!!

It had to be done..... Prosecco

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