Blue Monday - 7 Ways to Beat It.

Monday for most is the least favourite day of the week, not surprising..... the weekend is gone and the thought about starting another week, stress and routine is enough to make anybody feel miserable.

But..... Blue Monday is the worst of them all. The third Monday in January, when we're feeling down with nothing to look forward too; the frivolities of Christmas are over, the bank account is in the red and the bill's are on their way; it's dark, dank and January and a long way until the heady days of summer, no wonder it's so depressing.

There is some good news though, we've come up with our '7 ways to beat Blue Monday'.

1. Pay somebody a compliment - isn't it a great feeling when somebody unexpectedly pays you a compliment, so make it your mission this Monday to pay a compliment to 5 people before lunch, not only will it make them feel great, you will too.

2. Think Positive. Be positive - get into Monday, like it's Friday!!! With a positive attitude at the start of the week everything will seem that bit better, regardless of problems and struggles you may be going through. A positive day, makes for a positive week.

3. Smile - it may be Monday, but start your week the way you want it to go on, with positivity comes a smile; smile to yourself and smile to others. Think about what makes you smile and keep that thought in your head for the day.

4. Pay it Forward

Sometimes the best way to feel good is a random act of kindness, it gives the 'feel good' factor and doesn't have to involve money, pick a child's go to teddy up that it's dropped and mum hasn't seen, give up your seat to somebody, stop your car to let somebody cross. Little things can mean a great deal to people.

5. Show Gratitude - to people, it doesn't take much to say 'thank you', but means so much to somebody else and gives them positive thoughts about you. Be grateful for everything that you've got in your life, think about them on the way to work and then you'll realise how lucky you are.

6. Look Forward - it's quite easy to think negatively at the start of the week, but make plans for the week and beyond, think about your catch-up with your friends later in the week or the latest movie you're seeing.

7. Exercise - find time on Monday, we all know the mental health benefits of exercise, so whether you go for a gentle swim, a bike ride or meditate, do it, if you only spend 15 to 20 minutes, it's time given over to you and those feel good feelings will rush through you and make your day a whole lot better.

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