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JOIN the current 30 businesses providing 40 offers, ranging from wedding stuff, including photography, make-up, bridal wear, also other areas - cakes, paddle boarding, aesthetics, burlesque, cocktail masterclasses, hotel stays, afternoon tea, lunches, hair, beauty and spa treatments, gifts, event catering, flowers, chocolates, candles, yoga, meditation, apothecary.

I'd love to add the following business areas to the Card:


• Bars

• Hair salons

• Children based


• Estate Agents

• DIY/Construction/

Garden design/maintenance

• Clothing shops

• Accessories shops

• Jewellery

• Make-up

- bridal/daytime/evening

• Beauty treatments and spas

• Hotels

• Deli's/patisseries/coffee shops

• Photograph

• Florists

• Vets

• Wedding stuff

- hotels, catering, accessories

- marquees, entertainment

It's FREE for businesses to sign up to The Style Card.

If you own a business from one of the above, or have a business and are interested in finding out more, I'd love to hear from you.

Email me on either:

To read the offers in detail, click on this link:

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