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I thought it would be a good idea to give #TheStyleCard it’s very own profile and Insta page and here we are, @aliverpoolgirlwithstyle, to kick things off here's a little intro and info about The Style Card. By having a separate page from @lifestyleloveliverpoolgirls gives you a choice, if you just want info about The Style Card, including event information, this is the one for you, if you like all the other stuff there's @lifestyleloveliverpoolgirls. I'm still posting Card stuff on there as well, so nobody misses out. And if you really love your social media, there's also a separate Facebook page dedicated just to the Style Card.

Afternoon Tea on The Style Card at the Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant- 2 for the price of 1
The Style Card is a card specifically aimed at women – “what they need, want and would love to have in their lives".

With this in mind, I've set out to find amazing businesses that could do just that and we have, what I'm going to do is add, add and add. It's not just about giving women what they need, it's also providing a platform for businesses, many small, many female led.

What I'm not going to do is add for the sake of it, The Style Card is about exclusivity and it works both ways for ladies who buy into it and for the business who come on to it. With that in mind, we'll only generally have two businesses in the same area of work at any one time on the card, but if you're not sure email or DM me. Also it's about finding the right businesses for the card, that's really, really important to me and always at the forefront of my mind when I'm approached.

I've uploaded on to the linktree bio three links, one for women to see the benefits of the card, one showing our current business partners and their offers and finally an article from our #allwoman blog giving more detail about the offers. As soon as humanly possible and when things get back to a degree of normality, The Style Card and I are going on a little photoshoot in Liverpool, so it'll be great to share the pics of the card and me and some amazing Liverpudlian backdrops and then you can get to know us both a lot better. This should have happened earlier, but then Covid19 and lockdown changed everything and it had to be postponed. I'm going to give a little shoutout to @lucyhannahbranding, who’s doing the photoshoot. I initially saw her work on @candle_collective_uk, it’s great and I absolutely love it, so if you’re looking for some brand photography take a sneak peek at her Insta page.

Why this particular design? Well I wanted to show off the vibrancy of Liverpool, its stunning architecture, the amazing women that live, work and play here. There's no other city like it, it's bold, it's beautiful and it's fun. Hopefully all of this comes through on The Style Card.

Feel free to contact me through email or on here, I'm happy for dm's and generally speaking I'm pretty good at getting back to you within the hour. Probably like most people on Insta, comments are great too and I'd love to answer questions and get into conversations with you.

Ooh and please feel free to let people know about #TheStyleCard 😉, tag us, share us, talk about us as much as possible, community is everything for us on Instagram: @aliverpoolgirlwithstyle and


Email: aliverpoolgirlwithstyle@gmail.com

or lifestyleloveliverpoolgirls@gmail.com

Have a good day.

Sarah x

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