5 Great Ankle Boots for Autumn/Winter '18 at Marks & Spencer

The kids are back to school, that means one thing, Autumn's on its way, which means get the boots out of the wardrobe or get shopping. Check out these 5 fab Autumn/Winter '18 ankle boots at Marks and Spencer, I love them!!

Whatever you think about Marks and Spencer, nine times out of ten you're going to find something that you'll love, so I went searching for 5 great ankle boots and here they are for Autumn/Winter 18.

1. Leopard Print Ankle Boots

These are 'bang on trend', these animal print boots are by far the best for the Marks and Spencer Autumn/Winter collection, what's not to love about them, apart from the price - £85. These are the dearest ankle boots on sale for Autumn/Winter 18, both available in store and online, but they're amazing, so what the hell, get them and love them. As soon as you squeeze them you'll find they're really soft and when you put them on they feel really great.

Two good design features of the boot, they've got the shape of the toe right. Marks really struggle at times to get that right. This toe is perfect, the combination with the heal is amazing. What I'm not sure about is the seam running from the toe across the rest of the foot, I may have preferred it to all be one section, but hey it's all personal preference. Looking at the heal join, it's far more subtle and I like that.

Leopard Skin Boot - £85

The second thing I love about these boots is how far up your leg they come, they'll work well when you're in a skirt or dress, which doesn't mean you have to wear black!! Experiment and go for it.

A great sized chunky heal bother in size and height it which works well to break up the leopard skin upper and make the leopard skin design stand out. Out of the whole Autumn/Winter range these are my favourite. Available in store and online.

2. Sheepskin and Suede Ankle Boots

These are great boots, are screaming Autumn and Sunday morning walks. You'll struggle to find a more comfortable boot, apart from Boot #4. They're really comfortable and fit well. Reasonably priced at £65 and can be bought in two colours, Sand (above, obviously) and also black. From a personal perspective I prefer the sand coloured boots, the black ones just don't seem to have the same appeal and don't look as good. The black colourway just seem to disappear into the background and could be any boot, and....I'm not a big fan of the black fur trim either. You know which I'd buy.

Autumn/Winter Range. Cuff Boot

These can be bought instore and online and cost £65.

3. Leather Chelsea Boot

When I was at university, many, many moons ago I had these amazing Chelsea boots and ever since I've been searching for a pair just the same. I've just not been able to find ones that come to the right height on the ankle, have too much of a pointy toe and not necessarily the right shade, but I may have found the closest version to them that I can, apart from the size of the heal; still not there, but Marks and Spencer were so close. I'll give them ago.

Marks and Spencer Chelsea Boot

4. Fur Cuff Ankle Boot

So here we go, if the leopard skin pattern are my favourite, these suede and faux fur are a very close second. I've got to say, these boots are amazing for day to day wear, they fit extremely well, are sturdy and incredibly comfortable, mainly because the faux fur goes all the way down the inside of the boot, which is going to keep your feet snuggly warm, so great for those ice-cold winter days. The suede is so soft, and tactile, love them.

I'm a great fan of the sand colour and remind me of my Dubarry sailing boots. Great design, especially with the buckle design and the over-lapping parts at the top of the boots. I wouldn't hesitate to buy these, they're fab and cost a reasonable £69. Look after them and they'll last a good couple of years before they start to look tired. Available online and in-store. Colours available: black and sand.

5. Buckle Ankle Boot

I've included these boots because of the buckle, it gives me a real 60's feel and would look amazing with thick black tights and a great over the knee skirt. Personally, I wouldn't put them with jeans, one the buckle will be covered up and two, showing the buckle wouldn't look great, unless of course, you've got your skinnies on.

These boots come in black and a shade of blue. Black is best. Available instore and online. Only £45 squids. Bargain.

My Plus One

Love these, not sure I'd have the confidence or age on my side to wear them.

What do you think?

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