Style Card Membership


Being a member of the LSL Liverpool Girls  has its benefits, you'll be the first to know about our membership card launches, discounts that we've got for you and you'll also be the first to know about events that we're organising.

It’s really great to see that you want to become part of the LSL Liverpool Girls community and benefit from our membership card.  Before you get started, we need to gather some information from you, which is classed as personal data.  This data is used to keep in contact with you and allowing us to send your new membership card and subsequent cards after that. 


At LSL Liverpool Girls we take your privacy extremely seriously and as part of our commitment to you, we'll use your data in exactly the way(s) that we've said, but we’d also like you to read our Privacy Policy so that we know that you are aware and understand how data will be used.  We'd also like you to read our Terms and Conditions, this document sets down the details about the LSL Liverpool Girls' Style Card   Once you’ve read through the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions complete our simple form to state that you agree to us holding your data and that you are aware and understand the Terms and Conditions of our card.


1.  Click on this link and sign up to the website:

once you've signed up to the site.  This gives you access to the discount codes, once you've purchased your Style Card

2.  Complete the form below.  It is very important that you AGREE with the terms and conditions for those legal GDPR reasons; 


IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THE 2 STYLE CARDS OPTION, the 2nd card holders name and address needs to be submitted on a separate entry.

3.  When you have submitted your form, scroll down and click the red button, this will take you to the page to purchase your Style Card.


Style Card Membership Form

I agree to my personal data being stored, used and held by Life Style Love Liverpool Girls for the purposes that are laid out in the Privacy Policy, which I have read and agreed to by clicking in the "I agree" box.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Privacy and Terms and Conditions policies and for submitting this form, you can now proceed to the purchase page for The Style Card.

All done?  Now you can sign up for your Life Style Love Liverpool Girls Style card. Just click on the link below and complete the purchase for your Style Card below and follow the instructions and before you know it, your Life Style Love Liverpool Girls Style Card will be on its way to you and you can then start benefiting from all the wonderful discounts that your card is going to give you access to.